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Enhance your kitchen with these beautiful wooden salad spoons. Discover top ideas to add a touch of elegance to your salads and impress your guests.
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Freshly carved from some abandoned black cherry. These salad spoons are twelve inches long with oh so comfortable handles. Great for a salad at your next big gathering or they could be used separately as serving spoons. Carved with a hatchet and knives, sporting a tooled finish and seasoned with fo

Marie Fjendbo Jørgensen | Folkulture Salad Servers or Salad Tongs, Wooden Utensils for Serving Salad, 12-inch Spoon and Fork Set, Mango Wood, Blue Servers: Salad Servers Salad Tongs, Serving Utensils, Salad Fork, Fork Set, Salad Serving Utensils, Large Salad Bowl, Salad Spoons, Wooden Utensils, Salad Servers

About this item Folkulture wooden mixing salad spoons and forks are 12 inches long. The wood salad servers or wood salad tongs have ergonomically designed wide handles and heads for comfort grip and to stay cool while cooking, serving or mixing. The shape of these salad spoons and salad forks make them ideal for large salad bowls. These salad servers set are handcrafted with mango wood with a natural rustic look that makes our salad serving utensils suitable for all types of kitchen and…

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Thanks for the kind words! ★★★★★ "Beautiful! Arrived much sooner than I had expected." Nancy #etsy #wood #saladset #olivewoodsaladset #saladfork #saladservers #olivewood #wooden #saladforkandspoon #saladspoon

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