Rustic kitchen island ideas

Transform your kitchen with these rustic kitchen island ideas. Create a cozy and charming space that combines functionality and style for your cooking and entertaining needs.
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When renovating your kitchen, it’s tempting to make design choices that may not stand the test of time. Falling for overly trendy or tacky designs is a common pitfall. These trends are fleeting and can leave you with an outdated kitchen. To ensure your kitchen stays modern, functional, and stylish, read on for things to...

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I’m totally in love with farmhouse kitchens and we’re going to be adding on to our house sometime in the next year, so I’ve been researching all sorts of farmhouse kitchen ideas to help me find the balance between a timeless, classic look and the farmhouse style I love so much. Oh, and I need ... Read More about Farmhouse Kitchen Island Ideas

Betty Copeland

Learn how to build a large DIY rustic farmhouse kitchen island from scratch with my plans. Resembling an old wood antique general store counter, this easy to build island provides a lot of storage with seating for 4 to 6 people.

Susie Zofkie
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Discover eight modern kitchen island ideas that perfectly encapsulate the industrial style. From exposed brick and metal accents to reclaimed wood, these ideas will help you create a striking and functional centerpiece for your kitchen.

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