Rna polymerase

Uncover the fascinating process of gene expression with RNA polymerase. Learn how this essential enzyme plays a crucial role in transcribing DNA into RNA, and explore the latest research and advancements in this field.
DNA is transcribed by the enzyme RNA polymerase. The RNA polymerase (pale blue) moves stepwise along the DNA, unwinding the DNA helix at its active site. As it progresses, the polymerase adds nucleotides (here, small “T” shapes) one Reading, Biology, Dna Helix, Transcription And Translation, Molecular Biology, Rna Polymerase, Helix, Dna, Active Site

Transcription and translation are the means by which cells read out, or express, the genetic instructions in their genes. Because many identical RNA copies can be made from the same gene, and each RNA molecule can direct the synthesis of many identical protein molecules, cells can synthesize a large amount of protein rapidly when necessary. But each gene can also be transcribed and translated with a different efficiency, allowing the cell to make vast quantities of some proteins and tiny…