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Reyna is an Agent in VALORANT and the fourth Duelist to be released. Reyna takes what she wants when she wants it, no matter who is standing in her way. Savage and almost animalistic, she is not one to hesitate when it comes to eliminating her enemies and getting blood on her hands. She has a strong dislike for technology and thrives on the enemy's misery, and loves to compete with fellow Radiants to see who is the most powerful. She seems to have a cynical view towards the rest of the world…

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Jett is an Agent in VALORANT and one of the first Duelists available to play since the Closed Beta. The wind is commonly known for being cool, but Jett is an aggressive agent who has a distinctive, sarcastic personality. Jett also has a cheeky, childish "in-your-face" attitude, seen commonly giving insults for feats she makes on the team and is always spouting her sheer amount of arrogance. Her self-confidence may feel as if she is disregarding her comrades' safety, but she has recognized…

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