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Experience the thrilling adventures of Reverse Falls Mabel and uncover the secrets of this intriguing character. Discover top moments that will leave you amazed and wanting more.
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An Unofficial AU Blog for the Gravity Falls Fandom: Photo

[NOTE: this blog is no longer active] Ever made up your own AU? Ever had headcanons for someone else's? Ever read that ONE fanfic that completely blew your mind? Welcome to the unofficial Gravity Falls AU blog where ranting about AUs is considered normal! Please read list of trigger warnings so you know what's out there. Feel free to submit artwork, fanfiction, headcanons, or even your own AU! Fair warning: I turn off asks and/or submissions when the inbox gets too full. Disclaimer: nearly…

Reverse Falls: Character Relationships by RiaFire, love the designs<< I really need to watch more of this show I've only watched, like,  the first season lol Character Relationships, Anime Gravity Falls, Reverse Pines, Sapo Meme, Monster Falls, Reverse Gravity Falls, Gravity Falls Anime, Gravity Falls Funny, Gravity Falls Fan Art

Reverse Falls: Character Relationships by RiaFire on DeviantArt

Description I decided to do a little scheme of this, so now you can understand what's going on in my head. Behold my canon! If the arrow goes from the character "A" to the character "B", it means what "A" thinks/feels about "B". If "A" and "B" are connected by double-ended arrow, it means what both characters are for each other, what they have in common.

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