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Enhance your guitar sound with the perfect reverb pedal. Discover top reverb pedal options to add depth and dimension to your music. Find the perfect reverb effect for your playing style.
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Got a request for this one. This was originally designed by John Hollis and has since been modified by various folks in the DIY community. Like the latest version of the Little Angel chorus, it has a switch to do either vibrato or chorus tones. And the Mode switch allows for different speeds (Leslie, Normal, and Clone). Here's the schematic for reference.

John Martin
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Stage Center Reverb Bill of Materials Resistor ((1/4 watt rating) 2 - 4.7k 1 - 10k 1 - 22k 1 - 33k 1 - 47k 1 - 470k 1 - 1M 1 - 2.2M Pots 2 - 50k log can be linear or log (audio) taper. Capacitors (minimum 16 volt rating) 1 - 220pF 1 - 0.01uF 2 - 0.02uF 3 - 0.22uF 2 - 39uF Op Amp 1 - TL074 Other Reverb Springs - Input Impedance of 310 Ohms (Accutronics 4DB2C1D) Reverb Springs Bag (optional) 2 - cables with RCA jacks on both ends. These are used to connect the reverb springs to the circuit. 1…

Dave Smith
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The Tremulus Lune was designed by Dan Green from Commonsound and is a fantastic sounding optical tremolo. It's a very versatile trem, and has a very adjustable LFO section. The audio path goes through the TL072, and the LFO is created with the 4558. A VTL5C2 can be used, or you can make your own photocupler with an LED (3mm red) and LDR (5k/500k). The LED pads on the right side of the board is for an LFO speed indicator. This LED could easily be used as on/off indication as well. Wire the…

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The Ghost Echo is a nice little reverb unit, and uses the Belton BTDR-2H-L digital reverb module, as well as a PT2399. I'm not going to lie, this layout gave me some issues (at one point it made DIYLC crash). Even had to use a jumper (which annoys the heck out of me, as you may have picked up on). You won't be able to squeeze it into a 1590B, but a 125B should be a good fit. The Belton brick can be mounted directly to the board from the solder-side. Here's what EQD's website says about the…