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Cycle Exif Top 10 of '10. | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Bike, Fixie Bike, Vintage Bike, Bicycle Bike, Vintage Bikes, Retro Bike, Bicycle, Cool Bicycles, Motos I have yet to make any top ten lists or anything of the sort...but there are plenty of good lists popping up to remind us of what went down this year. Cycle Exif, sibling to the motorcycle blog Bike Exif, has a solid top 10 of bikes up from the year. Adam of Cycle Exif was also kind enough to post up the bike check i did recently. Was real stoked to see that! Of their top 10 my favorite is the Townsend below...but be sure to shoot over and see…

Nándor Nagy
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Eric Estlund is a very much a classicist, respecting the traditional methods when it comes to frame building. His latest build was contracted by a professional musician and draws inspiration from the volute — the scroll found on the head of the violin. The volute is a spiral-like ornament that can be found in many…

Mark Harris