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1. Redheads are witches. From the 1400s through the 1700s, red-haired women deemed to be witches were murdered by the thousands. They were often stripped and searched for 'the mark of the devil,' which could be anything from a birthmark to an odd freckle. So, obviously, a redhead would have had plenty of marks for them to choose from. During the Spanish Inquisition, red hair was the sign of a witch who had stolen hell's fire, and ironically, burning them at the stake was the only way to…

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According to the Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring of 2014, the color 'Radiant Orchid' reigns superior. However, a few other colors topped the charts and would look lovely on redheads. The 'redhead friendly' colors range from soft pastels to vivid brights to create a wonderful equilibrium. Here are the top 'redhead friendly' color trends for spring: 1. Radiant Orchid The most popular color this season may be one of the most popular amongst us redheads as well. This bold purple color is…

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Before social media, the only redheads we could look up to and admire were celebrity redheads in Hollywood. And although we still love following our favorite redhead celebrities on Instagram too, there are so many redhead bloggers and influencers we can relate to. Here are 13 of my favorite redheads to follow on Instagram: 1. Leah Diaz @leahgabriellediaz Formally known as the Freckled Red Fox, this spunky redhead gives us serious hair goals! While a full-time student, Leah shares on…

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