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33-Year-Old Reveals Just How Misleading 'Perfect' Instagram Photos Can Be, Shows How Lighting And Posing Affects Them Fit Motivation, Normal Body, Body Positive Fashion, Body Confidence, Body Positivity Photography, Instagram Models, Body Positivity, Loving Your Body, Fitness Motivation

We know social media is a highlight reel. That it's glamour. That it's perfection.We know it's people showing their best sides, their happy moments, their proud bits.But that's not human.Humans have vulnerabilities and softness and fears and hopes and fragility and CELLULITE and minds that have good days and bad days and ALL OF IT, humans have ALL OF IT.That's human.So let's change the conversation. Especially RIGHT NOW when everything is so unpredictable and scary.Let's dare to make this…

Bored Panda
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"I don’t recall when body issues became mainstream in my mind but I have early memories around age 11-12 where they started to take over my self-worth," she told Bored Panda. "I did my first diet at age 14, and it would continue off and on through 'til adulthood."

Erin Kirkpatrick
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Beauty standards in different places in the world vary because there is no exact formula of what is beautiful so it depends on the way people view the world. But whatever the standard is, it will include only a part of people and the rest of them will feel like they are worth less because they don’t possess the features that many admire.

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