Rainbow house

Transform your home into a vibrant and colorful rainbow paradise. Discover top ideas to bring the magic of rainbows to your living space and create a joyful and whimsical atmosphere.
Color-Blocked Animals and Geometric Shapes Transform Neglected Home in Installation by Okuda San Miguel | Colossal Abandoned Houses, Colorful Art Installations, Rainbow House, Colorful Murals, Fort Smith, Mythical Animal, Colossal Art, Modern Crafts, Spanish Artists

Spanish street artist Okuda San Miguel is bringing vibrancy once again to a formerly untended area of Fort Smith, Arkansas. His recent project, “The Rainbow Embassy,” was curated by global creative house Justkids for the Unexpected, an effort to revitalize dilapidated areas in Arkansas through a series of immersive arts initiatives. For the installation, Okuda painted a neglected house that occupied a lot adjacent to Darby Junior High School with a series of multi-colored geometric shapes…

Rachel Osborne