Questions to ask sorority recruitment

Get prepared for sorority recruitment with these must-ask questions. Find out everything you need to know about the sorority and make an informed decision about your membership.
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Talking can be hard. You know? One minute you are having an amazing conversation. Then, you get asked a questions that throws you off. Now, you are stumbling on your words. Nothing is making sense. Like English is definitely your first language, but you look like you just learned it. Well guess wh

Becky Kuss
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Sorority recruitment can seem like an interview. It’s like one question after another. It can get boring real fast. The sororities members are asking you these questions because they want to find a connection with you. They want to walk away from the conversation and be like, “OMG she was a amazin

April Travers
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You made it through all the rounds of sorority recruitment. You voted one last time. Now, it’s Bid Day. Walking to the final meeting place you are probably excited and nervous and have a butterflies in your stomach. You are about to start a new chapter. You are about to meet all your new sisters.

Sharon Barton Santana
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hate to break it to you… but sorority recruitment is A L L about small talk. Like every single conversation. It’s one conversation after another, and it starts to feel like you have had the same conversation one million times. You will be asked all the basic questions. Like: Where are you from?

mari stubbins