Qr codes in the classroom

Enhance learning and engagement in the classroom with creative uses of QR codes. Discover how QR codes can revolutionize educational activities and make learning interactive and fun.
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Let's face it, there is nothing cutesy or personal about a QR code. They're boxy, black, and boring. But when we worked so hard to create ePortfolios this year, I wanted a way to show that work off at Open House, so I knew that I was going to put those unappealing boxes on a bulletin board one way or another. So here's one way! I took pictures of my students posing as if they were holding a box. I tried to make it so that each pose was unique. Then I simply printed out the QR Codes and…


I’m a firm believer in making learning fun and interactive, and QR codes are the perfect tool to help us accomplish that. I’ve seen a d...

Tara Ervin