Purpose in life

Unlock the secrets to finding your purpose in life and living a fulfilling and meaningful existence. Explore top ideas to guide you on your journey towards discovering your true purpose.
Ikigai concept, four circles overlapping each other. In the middle the word IKIGAI, in next the words Passion, Mission, Profession and Vocation. In the outer space of the four circles it says, What you love to do, What the world needs, What you can get paid for, What you are good at. Quotes, Life, Words, Japan Quotes, Habit Quotes, Aesthetic Words, Life Purpose, Life Advice, Meaning Of Life

Have you ever stopped to think about your reason for being.. your life's purpose? We all have one, something that wakes us up in the morning and something that brings our life purpose and meaning. Ikigai, pronounced “eekee - guy” is a long lasting concept that originated from the island of Okinawa in Japan, where it’s residents have the highest life expectancy in the entire world. “Iki” translates to “life” and “gai” describes value and worth. READ FULL BLOG POST at aimn.com

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