Puka dog

Elevate your outdoor gathering with these delicious Puka Dog recipes. Try out these mouthwatering ideas and impress your guests with a unique twist on the classic hot dog.
Homemade Puka Dogs. The whole reason I'm having this party. Everyone in the world needs these... Diy, Sofas, Summer, Store, Cuban Recipes, Food And Drink, Hawaii Food, Couch, Dog Recipes

But before it disappears altogether, I'd like to introduce you to a little tropical awesomeness. If you've ever been to Po'ipu or Waikiki, HI, you have probably heard of the world famous Puka Dog. If you've ever eaten one, you know you want to eat another one (or five). And well, unless you live in Hawai'i it's not easy. If you haven't eaten one (or five), you can make this reasonable facsimile at home to whet your appetite. "Puka" means "hole" in Hawaiian so a Puka Dog is a bun with a hole…

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