Prison escape

Explore thrilling real-life stories of prison escapes and the incredible determination and ingenuity of those who managed to break free. Discover the tactics, risks, and ultimate triumphs of these daring escapes.
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Every year, thousands of inmates escape from prisons around the world. Of these, most just walk away from minimum-security corrections facilities, but other inmates implement complex, ingenious, and often violent schemes in order to make their getaway. Whether the work of notorious outlaws, WWII G.I.s, or 18th century writers, the following are the top 10 most incredible prison escapes. 10. Gerard’s Tower Of London Escape John Gerard was a sixteenth century Jesuit priest who is remembered as…

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We've talked about The Friend Zone before. We've talked about what it means. We've talked about how you end up in the Friend Zone and how to avoid it. Now, it's generally accepted wisdom that women automatically classify guys as either Boyfriend or Just Friends, and never the two shall meet. The idea of guys crossing from 'Just Friends' to 'Boyfriend' is almost exclusively the domain of bad romantic comedies. People who have actually made the leap are like the Loch Ness Monster - everybody's…

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