Printed scarf design

Elevate your style with these creative printed scarf designs. Discover unique patterns and colors to enhance your outfits and make a fashion statement.
"love words in elegant Arabic calligraphy style, Arabic font artwork" Scarf by mashmosh | Redbubble Arabic Calligraphy, Arabic Font, Calligraphy Styles, Arabic Words, Islamic Design, Arabic Design, Calligraphy Art Print, Graphic Scarf, Fabric Names

Full print is visible on the front and reverse Microfiber polyester with a slightly transparent effect Hand wash only. Do not dry clean or tumble dry. Scarves may come with a small white border around the hem edge due to the inherent print & construction method of the garment

Karolinko : Karolina Sato Design | Karolinko - Karolina Sato, Artist, illustrator and print designer based in Tokyo specializing in vibrant and playful, hand painted, Japanese art inspired motifs with contemporary edition. Pattern Designs, Design, Textile Design, Textile Prints, Art Deco Fashion, Traditional Paintings, Illustration Design, Design Projects, Print Design

Karolinko - Artist and Surface Designer based in Tokyo. Hi! My name is Karolina Sato "Karolinko"; I am an artist, illustrator, and surface print designer. My works are vibrant, and bold, and tell stories about nature and culture. I am a versatile artist experimenting with traditional painting techniques and digital media. I love to research and build concepts and tell stories for my designs. Learn more ABOUT me!

Design, Fashion, Empire, Artist, Hand Painted Silk, Digital Prints, Print, Abstract, Hand Painted

Art, illustration & fashion print, scarf design, and Illustration by Karolina Sato (Karolinko). Artist and designer based in Tokyo specializing in hand-painted floral and conversational prints for women's apparel, lifestyle illustration, and Japanese painting. Eclectic spirit, wanderer, and tender rebel creates playful, vibrant, and empowering conversational works inspired by art, travel, and nature.

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