Pricing quilts to sell

Learn how to price your quilts to maximize sales and profitability. Discover proven strategies to set competitive prices and attract buyers to your handmade quilts.
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If you're like me, you give most of the quilts you make away! I'm not sure the recipients always fully appreciate not only the time and cost of materials, but all of the love that we put into these creations! I saw this on The Quilt Show website and had to share. Hope you have a great day creating!!

Tessa Gordon
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Pricing handmade goods is not as simple as it might seem. There are a lot of things to consider. In this post I discuss: 8 ideas to consider when pricing handmade quilts I sell both handmade and the supplies to make things handmade. Pricing supplies is certainly easier in some ways than pricing handmade but...

Terri Connell
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Take this online course to learn how to write and sell quilt patterns! Watch the videos at your pace and get one-on-one support. I’ve been quilting and writing quilt patterns for over a decade. Now, I am excited to announce that I’ve launched an online school! In my school, you can learn from anywhere in …

Sarah Smith
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In this article we will look at how to price out your quilting service based on the total square yards found in a quilt top. Our previous article in this series focused on how to price out quilting based on the square inch.

Diane Norman
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If you’re someone who has ever sold custom quilts you know a lot of time and energy goes into selecting the perfect fabric and making the actual quilt. If you’re someone who has ever purchased a handmade quilt - do you know the material costs involved in making that quilt? Or the number of hours that went into it? I started my business selling handmade quilts and other home goods. I quickly realized a lot of people don’t know how much goes into making a quilt. When I sat down to calculate…

Tami Lipham