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Harry Potter by Picolo-kun #journal #sketch #moleskine: Themed Sketchbook, Drawing Harry Potter, Glume Harry Potter, Bujo Planner, Buku Harry Potter, Desenhos Harry Potter, Images Harry Potter, Sketch Books, Potter Art

Harry Potter by Picolo-kun #journal #sketch #moleskine | Sketch book, Harry potter drawings, Harry potter art

Description Werewolves _______________________________________________________________ "You have only ever seen me amongst the Order, or under Dumbledore's protection at Hogwarts! You don't know how most of the wizarding world sees creatures like me! When they know of my affliction, they can barely talk to me!"—Werewolf Remus Lupin _______________________________________________________________ Fantastic Beasts was announced as a prequel movie of the Harry Potter so I had to make something…

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