Portuguese donuts recipe

Indulge in the authentic flavors of Portugal with this mouthwatering donut recipe. Learn how to make traditional Portuguese donuts and delight your taste buds with a homemade treat.
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The Portuguese have this wonderful little 'Piece of Fried Dough" that we look forward to on any special occasion. A Festa, a Holiday, a Family Party, maybe even just a Great Uncle visiting from Connecticut. Oh, how we looked forward to those visits as they always meant Malassadas. A Malassada is exactly as I described a delightful little piece of fried dough, but this is the most basic of descriptions for a phenomenal bite into heaven. Let's say this.. Have you ever gone to fair? A fair…

Debbie C
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You will love how simple this traditional Portuguese malasada recipe also known as Portuguese filhos, it is to make, they are now my all time favorite doughnuts. So delicious and super addictive, these fried Azorean Portuguese malasada donuts will definitely be a crowd pleaser and the talk around the table. Hawaiian malasadas and Brazilian malasadas are the same as these. If your looking for a delicious Brazilian or Hawaiian malasada recipe this one is perfect.

Tim Mitchell