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Explore the beauty of pastel portraits and create a soft and dreamy look. Discover top ideas to capture the essence of your subjects with pastel colors and techniques.
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Should pastels be blended, left unblended or be some combination of both? Well, renowned pastelist William Schneider has found using a combination of unblending and blending pastels gives his work greater variety, softer edges and more unified areas of light and shadow. Learn his pastel technique, step by step.

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Great pastel drawings and a charcoal one, most of which have WIP (work in progress), intermediate steps. Today, we are going to have a look at, Vietnamese Fine Artist and instructor, Cuong Nguyen's work. As he was growing-up in Vietnam, he used his budding skills as an artist, to make some extra money for his family, by drawing street portraits. His subsequent studies in the arts field, only helped to strengthen the fascination he had, for drawing human features. The fact that he now…

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