Polyurethane foam

Explore the versatility of polyurethane foam and discover its innovative uses in industries such as construction, automotive, and packaging. Find inspiration for incorporating polyurethane foam into your next project.
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Polyurethane foam is one of the four basic types of products that can be made from raw, liquid polyurethane. They are comprised of two chemicals which, when mixed and heated, form liquid polyurethane prior to being further processed. These chemicals are polyol, a type of complex alcohol, and diisocyanate, a petroleum ...

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by Purva Chawla Part 1/About PU Foam: PU (Polyurethane) Foam–A material we've come to know as the spongey infill to furniture. As a vital component of upholstery and protective packaging, we are all too familiar with this flexible and lightweight material. But what happens to the countless tuf

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