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Explore fun and interactive poetry lessons designed specifically for elementary students. Ignite a love for poetry and help young minds unlock their creative potential.
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April is National Poetry Month, and what better time is there to teach and explore poetry with your students?!?! I love to spend the month of April having students read, write, and share poetry in our classroom. At the beginning of my poetry units each year, I find that my students are often intimidated by poetry, especially when it comes to writing it. Over the years I have tried to find the perfect activities to ease them into writing their own poems. One of my favorite activities is…

Nancy Pepper
3rd grade National Poetry Month poetry journal for kids

I admit, I have never been one to go all out for National Poetry Month in April. I enjoy reading poems with my class and poetry books definitely get their rotation in my monthly book display, but poetry projects or multi-day lessons never seem to fit in. First of all, April is peak testing season

Adrienne Wiggins
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Teaching poetry is so much fun and so easy to do when you have the necessary tools! I remember my first year teaching fourth grade, our writing curriculum had nothing for teaching poetry. Luckily, I have always loved to write, especially poems, so I developed my own Poetry Unit. It was incredible to see even […]

Carly King
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Poetry is, let's be honest, not easy to teach at times. I feel it's the hardest genre to teach to my second graders. But it doesn't have to be something you dread to teach. And it doesn't have to be something your students dread either! Using engaging, funny poems while introducing the elements of poetry

Natalie Tisdale
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Teaching blackout poetry is an engaging way to help spruce up your poetry unit. Show a few examples, and your students will be eager to create a blackout masterpiece of their own. Keep reading to learn what blackout poetry is and just what you need to do to teach it. So, you’re thinking about teaching… Read More »A Beginner’s Guide To Teaching Blackout Poetry

Brandy Garner