Plus fours

Elevate your golf attire with stylish plus fours that exude a classic charm. Discover top ideas to achieve a timeless and sophisticated look on the golf course.
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Outside of three piece suits, men were enjoying the new trend for trouser separates in the 1920s. At first, the golfing knickers came off the course and onto upper class British gentlemen who wore them in summer for various non-sporting events and resort wear. Knickers gave way to their cousin, 'plus fours' - something between

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How did young men, older boys, and teenagers dress in the 1920s? Teenage boys clothing in the 1920s did not differ drastically from that of grown men. Suits were worn daily while weekends had them in separates and workwear mixed with casual knitwear. Teenage Boys Suits For special occasions, church, and urban high schools, a suit

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About this time every summer, I receive a handful of requests for men's vintage boating outfits. Sometimes these requests come from antique wooden boat owners who want to dress the year that matches their boat, and other times they come from the general public planning to attend a vintage boat show. My local wooden boat

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