Playground workout

Get fit and have fun with these playground workout ideas. Discover how to use the playground equipment to get a full-body workout and stay active outdoors.
A total body workout designed for busy moms. Find a park, grab your kids, and transform your body with this step-by-step circuit! #TriplePFeature Playground Workouts, Playground Workout, Mom Time Management, Park Workout, Push Workout, Outdoor Exercises, Step Workout, Workout Cardio, Mommy Workout

Playgrounds. Thoughts about them prior to having a child: (pre-mom) “Yuck. Germs and rusty swings.” Thoughts after having a child: (post-mom) “Child energy-burner mom haven.” Thoughts after this post: (fit-mom) “Total-body mommy workout. Yippee!” Pin It! I have a whole new respect for playgrounds not only because of the free babysitting factor, but the amazing workout intervals you can do with common playground equipment. On a side note, I don’t advocate neglecting your child while you focus…

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Sometimes a little change of scenery will help you find the motivation you need to get through your workout. Next time your head outside for a run or walk, try these 5 moves in a nearby park. All you need is a swing set, bench or picnic table to get a total body workout. *photography by […]

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