Plant ledge decorating

Transform your plant ledge into a stunning focal point with these creative decorating ideas. Enhance the beauty of your space by incorporating plants and accessories that reflect your personal style.
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So the last couple of weeks we have been moving and getting everything put away and decorated! I am not even close to being finished but I thought I would show you pictures of what I have done so far. I haven't even attempted the office yet, hence the reason there are no pictures of it, lol! But let me just tell you I am so thankful to have my moms help! We decorate peoples houses all the time and it seems like a second nature to us, but when it comes to our own homes it takes a little…

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In our new home, there will be a high ledge in the vaulted entry. The ledge is 9' off the floor, runs the length of the 12' entry, about 15" deep, and probably 2 feet high before it abuts the vault. I'm am totally decorating-challenged, and would love to see how you've decorated your high ledge...

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