Pirate hook

Complete your pirate costume or add a touch of pirate charm to your decor with these unique pirate hook designs. Find the perfect hook to bring out your inner pirate and complete your look.
3D Printable Scalable Comfortable Pirate Hook by MerganMcFergan Cosplay, 3d, 3d Printing, Pirate Hook, Pirates, Powers, Hook, Peter, Bricolage

Be ye a pirate seeking a man-sized pirate hook? Arrrrr ye sick o’ costume hook chafe? Well here be a hook t’ sooth yer woes. Fabricate with a hefty infill, slap some barnacle grease or epoxy between the three pieces and ye’ll be shiverin timbers till ye run out of pirate shanties. Tinker Bell thinks it be a fairy-sized pirate hook just needin’ scalin’. *Update- second guard added with rivets. Champion public posting and receive early/exclusive access to new designs…

christopher orchard