Pimento cheese sandwich tea party

Elevate your tea party with these delicious pimento cheese sandwich ideas. Impress your guests with a delightful combination of tangy pimento cheese and fresh bread. Try these recipes and make your tea party unforgettable.
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I love making this southern-style pimento cheese quickly and easily in my Cuisinart food processor! For classic presentation, cut the crusts off these pimiento cheese sandwiches and slice into fingers. The finger sandwiches look especially elegant when served on a 3-tier stand like this one from Le Creuset!

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Are you one of those people who have never tried homemade Pimiento Cheese? I was…then one day I made some myself and was hooked!! Since then I've made these tea sandwiches for lots of tea parties and they always get rave reviews!! All you need are 4 simple ingredients - sharp cheddar cheese, mayo, green onion and a jar of pimientos!`Simply combine ingredients and your ready to go!! Spread on thinly sliced bread, trim crusts and slice into triangles or use your favorite cookie cutter to make…

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