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Camera equipment storage and organization - old shelf converted into easy lens and camera equipment storage by making compartmentalized spaces for each piece of gear. Studio, Organisation, Storage Ideas, Camera Equipment Storage, Equipment Storage, Storage And Organization, Camera Equipment, Photography Equipment Storage, Storage

I converted an old drawer into a compartmentalized lens storage place. Over the years my video equipment has grown to a size that makes taking all of it to each video shoot impractical. This year I filmed with more groups than I ever have before, and I found myself leaving lenses and cameras sitting out...

Drew Mason
photo box Ideas, Organisation, Photo Album Storage, Photo Album Display, Photo Album Scrapbooking, Photo Box Diy, Photo Album Diy, Diy Photo Album, Photo Boxes

Photos. We all have them and most of us have them stuffed away in random places or trapped in bulky albums. When my parents passed away we inherited a ton of albums. They are all amazing photos but it's been so hard to figure out how to divide them up. Then there are all of

Amy Otto Salcedo