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I have seen several articles on ThriftyFun pertaining to the restoration of old photos. They were well written and often showed before and after pictures depicting very impressive results. In most cases those results were obtained by using a paid for computer software.

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How to Scan Prints without a Scanner: My friends and family always make fun of my oversized bag that is always so heavy (but well worth it) because I always have everything I need - when I need it. It feels like I'm MaryPoppins - always pulling out things that really shouldn't be carried on a day to day basis - but it makes me happy and brings me comfort nonetheless to always 'being prepared' - CAN I GET A WITNESS?!? One thing I don't carry around.. would be a huge high-resolution scanner…

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It’s a funny thing about me; if I see a damaged picture, sometimes I just really, really want to fix it. It’s almost like my fingers start tingling for the Wacom pen so I can get started. It doesn’t happen every, single time, but when it does good things usually happen. So, I decided to take a little time and fix one of them… About 6 (working) hours later, I was done with the first one I picked. It wasn’t one of the worst, but it sort of spoke to me.

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