Peter pettigrew

Uncover the intriguing tale of Peter Pettigrew, the enigmatic character from the Harry Potter series. Learn about his secret past, his role in the wizarding world, and the impact he had on the lives of our beloved characters.
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Madeline Potter. James Potters sister, very similar yet very different from each other. They were always very close growing up, and that didn't change much when they went to Hogwarts. Madeline never really wanted to get into a relationship, she got around instead, that is until she fell for Regulus Black. Started October 2020 Currently: finding motivation to finish this Highest rankings: #2 in regulusblack #1 in RAB #1 in Andrew #1 in Marauders fanfiction #6 in Ben Barnes #1 in…

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As the fourth season of Game of Thrones swiftly approaches, let's take a moment to analyze the similarities between our favorite Greyjoy and one of the least-liked characters in Harry Potter. Spoilers for seasons 1-3 of Game of Thrones and all of the Harry Potter books and movies.

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