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There have been many books written on the subject of face anatomy and how it impacts not only our perception of someone but our reaction to them as well. There are features we deem as authoritative, feminine, funny, somber, and so on. With over 7 billion people in the world we've got quite a few unique faces out there, and yet, certain features and proportions are universally

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Study: Unattractive People Are Targets For Cruelty At Work Jessica Alba, Physics, Physical Attractiveness, Physical Attraction, Attractiveness, Consequences, Average Face, Google Search, Perfectly Symmetrical Face

Physical attractiveness (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Your workplace probably differs from the social scene of a typical high school in significant ways, and most would agree that’s a good thing. But a recent study reveals that when it comes to how attractive and unattractive people are treated, your office and your high [...]

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