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Explore a collection of creative Penguin book covers that are sure to grab your attention. Discover unique designs and reimagine your bookshelf with these eye-catching covers.
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Penguin Crime Covers In early 1961, Romek Marber’s covers for The Economist prompted Germano Facetti, art director at Penguin, to commission some cover designs. Seeking an exciting new identity for the tired-looking Penguin Crime series, Facetti then asked Marber and two other designers to submit their proposals. Marber won the job and his modernist

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D. H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover scandalized the world when it was first published in paperback, and helped put Penguin Books on trial. The powerful depiction of the sexual liaison of Constance Chatterley with the gamekeeper Mellors, while her invalid husband quietly seethes, brilliantly captures the perennial struggle between the classes and the sexes.

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