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I promised to some of you to put together the step-by-step directions for building a media organizer like mine. Please refer to my previous post for images and description of the unit. Following are detailed instructions on how to build it. Materials: 6 sheets of foam board 30" x...

Jo-Anne Gwin
Pencilayers Adjustable Colored Pencil Holder for Designers – Tuvie Upcycling, Design, Organisation, Pencil Organizer, Pencil Boxes, Pencil Holder, Colored Pencil Holder, Art Supplies Storage, Colored Pencil Storage

Designed by Hakan Gürsu of Designnobis, Pencilayers is an adjustable colored pencil holder that allows you to arrange your pencils in order. It makes these pencils easy to locate when you use certain row to identify a group of colors or pencil type. Each row can be swung from vertical to horizontal position, up to...