Pecan salad

Try these mouth-watering pecan salad recipes for a nutritious and flavorful meal. Discover new ways to incorporate pecans into your salads and enjoy a healthy and satisfying dish.
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Candied Pecan Salad with Apples

Candied Pecan Salad with Apples is perfect for serving a big group of people. Baby spinach, red onion, feta cheese, Craisins, honey crisp apples, and candied pecans - topped with an apple cider vinaigrette! So good!

Melissa Paine
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Apple Salad Recipe - Cooking Classy

Apple Salad - made with an abundance of crisp sweet apples, fresh spring lettuce greens or spinach, crunchy toasted pecans, tangy feta, flavorful salty The best apple salad recipe made with an abundance of crisp sweet apples, spring lettuce greens, toasted pecans, tangy feta, salty bacon and a cider vinaigrette.

Lynda Forsythe-Eastham