Pearl powder

Unlock the secret to radiant skin with pearl powder. Learn how this natural ingredient can improve your complexion and achieve a youthful glow.
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AN ANCIENT AYURVEDIC AND CHINESE MEDICINE REMEDY Pearl powder is a supplement and skincare ingredient, made from ground freshwater pearls. And yes, I know it may sound like some ridiculously elitist superfood trend exported from LA 😂 However, pearl powder traces its roots to ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine, where it was used both internally and topically. Ayurveda, the indigenous healing modality in India, refers to pearl powder as Mukta Pishti. Ayurveda uses pearl powder to “cool”…

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Friends, let me tell you about the magic that is pearl powder. If you aren’t already familiar with this amazing beauty powerhouse, you need to add it to your arsenal. In fact, I made a YouTube Video HERE that shows you exactly how to use pearl powder to get rid of acne scars, fade age spots, a

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If I were to line up next to my sisters, the difference is immediately noticeable: where my skin is a bit patchy and unmemorable, their skin radiates. Both of their faces have a discrete, poreless glow, and I’m certain you could bounce a kernel of…

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