Parent letters from teachers

Enhance the home-school connection with heartfelt parent letters from teachers. Discover how these letters can foster trust, communication, and collaboration to support your child's learning journey.
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Hello Friends, Just a quick note to share a letter that I send home to my students and their parents at the end of the year. I do not claim ownership of it. I got it from a website long ago called "Green Gables." Click HERE to take you to the download. If you are downloading at your school, you may be blocked because of your school network. Download it away from school and you should be fine! Please note: The spelling error on the student letter has been fixed on the download! Until next…

Lisa Hebert
Maybe next year I'll try to put a weekly newsletter out. I just wish prints didn't have a limit and paper/ink didn't cost any money! Maybe if I have a class website, it will fit nicely on there! :) Pre K, Primary School Education, Layout, Teacher Resources, Organisation, Teacher Organization, Teacher Conferences, Parent Newsletter, Weekly Classroom Newsletter

This month I'm linking up to discuss parent communication. I will say my parents appreciate the systems I've put into place to keep them informed about their child's education. 1) Weekly Newsletter- every Monday students take home a newsletter in their folder. As you can see I let parents know what we're learning that week, important dates, notes and homework. 2) Classroom Website- every weekend I update the classroom website with the weekly newsletter above and important dates. I have…

Amy Jordan