Paper snowflakes easy

Create beautiful paper snowflakes with these easy DIY crafts. Add a touch of winter magic to your home decor with these simple and fun paper snowflake ideas.
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How to make christmas white snowflake of different shape diy. Illustration about snow, fold, procedure, paper, instructions, mental, rebus, creative, shape, origami - 130192721

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Book: Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin Activity: Paper Snowflakes I thought we'd start the month with an easy activity that needs no more than paper and scissors. I use copy paper but any paper will do as long as you can fold it 4 times without it being too thick; experiment with tissue paper and coffee filters too. Snowflake Bentley is a biography about Wilson A. Bentley (1865-1931.) His mother gave him a microscope at the age of 15 and when he discovered how beautiful…

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