Paper mache tree

Explore unique and creative paper mache tree ideas to unleash your DIY skills. Learn how to make stunning paper mache trees that will add a whimsical touch to your home decor.
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So happy to be sharing the completed Paper Mache Tree project! It's been years in the making; mainly because I start projects but then get sidetracked which means I have lots of half finished projects around my house. But, sometimes I do complete them! This tree stands in my girls' room. It's made of wire and paper mache, and then painted. I did glue some brown tissue paper on to 'undercoat' the trunk brown so I wouldn't have to paint it as much, and it also doubled up as good bark texture…

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This is the first post of my now completed paper mache tree project :) This post contains affiliate links (see bottom of post for explanation). Hope you had a merry christmas and didn't eat as much food as I did! The day after a big one, I always absolutely crave to get creative. My mind spins with possibilities for some reason, and choosing one project is almost too hard. But I have been working on a project in my girls' room, with hopes of painting a mural in there too. We have only been…