Outer tragus piercing

Discover the latest trends in outer tragus piercing and find inspiration for your next stylish and unique ear piercing. Elevate your ear game with these captivating ideas.
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◼︎ Item Details ◼︎ • Sold as Single • Material : 316L Surgical steel (PVD Gold Plated), AAA Coloured Cubic Zirconia • Stone Size : 1.5mm/2mm/2.5mm/3mm • Bar diameter (thickness) : 16 gauge (1.2mm) 18 gauge (1 mm), 20 gauge (0.80mm) • Bar length : 5mm (SHORT!),6mm,8mm, 10mm (VERY LONG) • Thread-less Push Pin Style • Perfect for various piercings: Earlobe, Tragus, Cartilage, Lip, Nose, Helix ★ Please see and make sure you follow the instruction posted in our listing photos: "HOW TO: Threadless…

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Helix Earring Hoop Versatile Stainless Steel Ear Piercing Set - Stylish Helix, Tragus, and Lobe Earrings with Sparkling Zircon Accents Tragus, Ear Piercings, Piercing, Helix Earrings Hoop, Helix Earrings, Tragus Earrings, Lobe Piercing, Helix, Earring Gifts

Elevate your ear game with our Stainless Steel Ear Piercing Set! 🌟 This collection features a variety of earrings designed for septum, daith, helix, rook, conch, tragus, cartilage, flat, lobe, and snug piercings. 🌈 Crafted from high-quality copper and adorned with AAA+ cubic zirconia, these earrings offer a high polish, smooth outer design, and comfortable wearing experience. 💎 Multi-Function: Perfect for various piercings - mix and match to create your unique style! ✨ Feature: High…

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The Cartilage Hoop Baguette Cut Emerald Clicker is a stylish and unique earring option for individuals with cartilage piercings, featuring a baguette-cut emerald gemstone and crafted from 14K solid gold in a variety of colors. The earring is made of 14K solid gold, specifically in a combination of yellow, white, and rose gold. The 14K gold signifies that the earring is made of 58.3% pure gold, with the remaining portion being made up of other metals to enhance its durability and strength…