Outdoor woodworking projects

Get inspired by these creative outdoor woodworking projects to enhance your backyard. From benches to planters, discover ideas to transform your outdoor space into a DIY paradise.
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Impossible Screw in a Block of Wood: A few months ago, I came across Seamster's Instructable Impossible Nail in Wooden Block. I thought it was really cool, and knew I had to make one! You show it to people. They look at it, look at it more, flip it around... Wha...HOW? And then you sho…

Di Toledo
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Learn how to make wind spinners in this easy, beginner, DIY woodworking project with plans. Wind spinners are fun to watch and build and make great additions to your yard or garden. They turn in a fascinating, spiraling motion whether the wind is blowing from the north, south, east, or west. They make for an easy and fun weekend project.

Martha Hoffman