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Evenstar Gleam by Orin331 on DeviantArt Equestria Girls, Conjuration Magic, New Jacket, Cute Couple Cartoon, Couple Cartoon, Not Allowed, Old Models, Dream Art, I Forgot

Evenstar Gleam by Orin331 on DeviantArt

Description YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO REPOST OR USE THIS FOR BASES WHATSOEVER If you even think about using him as a base, I'll dance on your corpse. New year, new Oriboy! Well, not really. The old model I made for him is really outdated now, considering how skinny he was back then, so I went and made a new one. Personally, I think his new jacket is real cute, don't you think? Boy needed some more purple back in his wardrobe. ~~~ 5/14/2020 Added his new and improved little pony form. His old…