Optimus prime g1

Explore the iconic Optimus Prime G1 and relive the epic battles of the Transformers. Discover the history, features, and collectibles of this legendary Autobot.
Prime by Dan-the-artguy on DeviantArt Manga, Disney, Transformers, Mecha Anime, Animé, Cartoon, Comic, Decepticons, Optimus Prime Art

Description Here's a new fan commission featuring Optimus Prime and calling out his various incarnations over the years. Thanks to Josh Perez for the pretty colors. I'll have this art on hand at NJCC this coming weekend. (I also have this shot and many other available for ordering as a sketch/print combos at my website: www.dantheartguy.com/portfolio…) transformers copyright Hasbro Inc.

Santiago Alvarez
Transformers Generations Book 2019 MP-44 Optimus Prime Article Translation - Transformers News - TFW2005 Comics, Art, Character Design, Geek, Manga, Megatron, Character Sheet, Transformers, Optimus

Care of soundwavesoblivion.com, we can share for you a proper translation of the Transformers Generations Book 2019 MP-44 Optimus Prime Article. We have 8 translated pages from the Transformers Generations book 2019 dedicated to the latest Masterpiece incarnation of Optimus Prime. Four pages dedicated to the toy itself plus gimmicks and accessories, and 4 more pages with...

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