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These boots were made for walking, and those gloves were made for grabbing all the lemons life may throw at you at any given time. Lamps, paintings, handbags, and much more that we humans are capable of creating with just a little bit of inspiration and a whole lot of sweat-inducing work.

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Everyone has their fleeting moments of stupidity. From saying something utterly dense to making complete fools of ourselves in public, we humans are seemingly hardwired to do dumb things every now and then. But even though deep down, no one wants to look like a clown, some people seem to be on a quest to declare their lack of brain cells in stupid Facebook posts. Where there’s a potential for thousands of people to see it.

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As with any powerful tool, Photoshop can be rather "destructive" in the wrong hands. That's why we have the r/Sh***yPhotoshop subreddit, where people can proudly show off their terrible, hilarious, and cringe-worthy attempts at digital manipulation. This page is a goldmine of terrible Photoshop blunders that will have you wondering why anyone would even bother.