Older women tattoos

Discover elegant tattoo designs that are perfect for older women. Find inspiration for meaningful tattoos that reflect your style and personality.
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For the adorned, the most adrenaline-inducing sound is the buzz-buzz-buzz of a tattoo machine. The worst sound the tattooed hear are the oft-repeated words: “You're going to regret that when you're older.” To fact-check the validity of such claims,…

A 58-Year-Old Woman With Tattoos Has Been Criticized for “Dressing Up Like a Teenager” and Now She Tells Us Her Story / Bright Side Tattoos, Videos, People, Celebrities, Dressing, Instagram, Lady, Older Women With Tattoos, Old Women With Tattoos

Lonni Pike is 58, but as her IG handle suggests, life doesn’t stop at 50. She uses her social media accounts to make videos encouraging women to embrace their individual style regardless of anyone’s expectations. We were so inspired by Lonni’s commitment to remain true to herself no matter her age or what people have to say about it, that we had the urge to write an article about her. We also interviewed Lonni to find out more about what’s behind the tattoos and why she decided to alter her…

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