Old friends

Rediscover the joy of old friendships and create lasting memories. Explore heartwarming ideas to reconnect with old friends and strengthen your bond for a lifetime of cherished moments.
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Do you remember your childhood best friend? I remember my friend Celia. We were friends throughout elementary and middle school. We did everything together. We pretended to be sisters since neither one of us had a dad or a brother. Just our moms :) Then there was Lupe. We met in high school. She was the fun one, I was the one studying in the library (once a nerd....). Lupe was my maid of honor. She lived in Chicago when I got married back in 1997. We lost contact for about 15 years and about…

Abeda Abrahams
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Last night, as I was having dinner with some friends, we started talking about the process of getting older. Go figure! We may have been in our 60s, but, we didn’t look over 60 – and we certainly didn’t feel over 60. Halfway through a particularly risqué conversation about an online site that I won’t mention by name, one of the ladies mentioned how “disgracefully” we were behaving. She said it with a smile and a twinkle in her eye, so, I know that she was joking. But, her comment made me…

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