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Ancient Chinese "cash" coin Americans, when asked about coins with holes in them, probably picture the old Chinese "cash" coins which are featured so prominently in Chinese-style decor. These coins had a square-shaped hole in the center, with Chinese characters around it. The United States has never had a coin with a hole in it, so it's not something we're used to seeing. Plenty of other countries, however, have had one or more of this type of coin (known as "holed coins" or "holey coins")…

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Sacsayhuaman Also Spelled Saksaywaman (Quechua Word Meaning Satisfied Falcon), Is One Of The Most Stunning Inca Ruins, Located On The Northern Outskirts Of The Old City Of Cusco, Peru, The Former Capital Of The Inca Empire Archaeology, Cusco, Architecture, Inca Empire, Inca, World Heritage Sites, Ancient, Ancient Buildings, Cusco Peru

Human talent knows no bounds, and this holds true both for the people of the past and those in our current times, especially when it comes to crafting impressive structures. These range from small yet stunning creations like hand-carved coins bearing the faces of past rulers to large-scale structures as vast as the Colosseum's Basement in Rome.

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A scallop-edged coin from the Bahamas Despite what we are used to here in the United States, coins do not have to be round to be minted and spent. I've previously discussed square coins, but an even more common shape is the scalloped coin, which has a wavy edge that goes all the way around the coin. The name comes from the distinctive wavy shell of the scallop, a sea mollusk similar to a clam. This coin shape may also be referred to as wavy-edged, flower shaped, or sun shaped. Coins with 8…

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