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Get ready for thrilling off-road adventures with our collection of top off-road bikes. Discover the perfect bike to conquer the toughest terrains and experience the ultimate adrenaline rush.
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Find out how I turned a Honda Grom into an off road mini moto that looks more at home with dirt bikes than on the street. From custom bodywork to a bolt on skid plate– this is everything you need to know for a Honda Grom Off Road Build.

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One of the surprise announcements at EICMA, the world’s biggest motorcycle show, was the launch of Caterham Bikes. It’s a new two-wheeled division from the group that owns the sportscar company and F1 team. The Brutus 750 is a pitched as a multi-purpose bike that works both on- and off-road, and we’re told it will also come with a kit to convert it to a snowmobile. It’s a kind of 21st century Rokon, albeit without the two-wheel drive. The raw, angular styling looks even better in the metal…

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Some riders use the terms dual sport bike and adventure bike interchangeably. Others believe there is a clear line in the sand between the two. With the wide range of

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