Nutrition twins recipes

Discover a collection of delicious and healthy recipes from the Nutrition Twins. Try these nutritious meals and snacks to fuel your body and improve your overall well-being.
Spaghetti Squash with Tomato Sauce and Parmesan Cheese | Nutrition Twins Quinoa Pudding, Superfood Bowl, Flavored Vinegars, Milk Nutrition, Broccoli Nutrition, Pasta Alternative, Skinny Chicken, Healthy Comfort Food, Creamy Pasta

Hopefully you know by now how we feel about quality carbohydrates...we love ‘em! Oh yeah! Go ahead, breathe a sigh of relief, as most of our clients do when they see how we teach them to eat quality carbohydrates AND lose weight too! Hallelujah! Yup, we’ve been registered dietitians for over ten years and the proof is in the whole grain, sweet potato and quinoa pudding! 🙂 Ask our clients how wonderful it’s been to have quality carbs in their lives (buh bye sweet cravings and deprivation!)…

Megan Haley