Nutrisystem recipes

Discover a variety of delicious Nutrisystem recipes that are designed to help you reach your weight loss goals. Try these flavorful meals and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle today.
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My Typical Day On Nutrisystem - Week 2 Update - Mom 4 Real

In this post, I'm sharing My Typical Day on Nutrisystem! Week two on Nutrisystem has been amazing! Y'all, I haven't felt this good in a long time and I have […]

Kimberly Ortiz-Faborito
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Nutrisystem- Food Ideas

Well this is my fifth month on Nutrisystem and I have continued to loose weight. It has slowed down almost to a halt but I'm still loosing a couple ounces a week and that's better than gaining. I think I'm reaching a plateau. I'm was told that I need to eat more or exercise less. I could be working off more than I'm taking in which makes your body slow down on weight loss, thinking your starving yourself. Isn't it weird how our bodies will do that? I also am aware that I need to drink more…

Marsha Hamner
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Fun With Nutrisystem Foods

So I have been on the Nutrisystem diet now for almost a year and a half. I reached my goal in 5 months but kept going. I have been sitting on a 50 lbs loss for A while now.. I plan to keep it around that number. I weigh 118 lbs now. I want to keep my weight around 120. I'm having fun with this size as I don't struggle to fit into the cute clothes. But like I said, I still eat Nutrisystem to keep me maintained but I add in a little more snacks so I don't keep loosing weight. Thought I'd never…

Betsy Porter Price