Nocturnal birds

Discover the mysterious world of nocturnal birds and their unique adaptations for thriving in the darkness. Learn about their hunting techniques and find out how you can attract these fascinating creatures to your backyard.
Smile...Potoo, any of 7 species of solitary, nocturnal  insectivore birds of tropical Central and South America. Potoos range from 21–58 cm in length. They have large heads for their body size and long wings and tails. The large head is dominated by a large, massive, broad, short bill and enormous eyes. The brown plumage resemble tree bark. During the day, the birds sleep, vertically perched and virtually indistinguishable from the dead branches they roost on.

Brilliant, feast for the eyes! ( via ) Potoos are a group of near passerine birds related to the nightjars and frogmouths. They ar...

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Most bird watchers and scientists say that there are roughly 9,000 to 10,000 species of birds. One of the main ways to identify them is physical appearance and once you start looking closer, it becomes obvious that birds come in many shapes and colors. And some are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. From those with incredible eyelashes to the ones that look like tiny cotton balls, continue scrolling and check out some of the most beautiful birds from around the world.

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